Art Exhibition at The Courtyard Theater, Plano TX

The Courtyard Theater at Plano, TX  is displaying artworks two artworks of the members of Plano Art Association. Two of my Artworks are up on display from April 26th to May 30th.  Along with few other Artists from the Plano Art Association. I chose to display " Celebrating Ganesha" and "Pink Padma - The Lotus" as both have  similar color tones and are of the same size. 
Pink Padma is one of my new artworks from "Padma - The Lotus" series. Read all about this series here
"Celebrating Ganesha" is done in MixedMedia - Oils on Canvas Board, Clay.
"Celebrating Ganesha 14"x11" © sandhyamanne 2011"
"Pink Padma - The Lotus" is done in MixedMedia - Oils on Canvas, Clay, Tissue Paper.

"Celebrating Ganesha 14"x11" © sandhyamanne 2011"

You have to visit this place  for some interesting artworks. If you are in Dallas around April 26th to May 30th, then please  drop by. Oh!! and don't forget to let me know before, so I can be there to show you around.

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