Crazy Roses

"Crazy Roses" is a Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA).  I was introduced to Zentangle art last summer. Since then I have been creating a number of zentangles in the traditional stlye of  black ink on white paper. But I also love to go beyond that and create ZIAs in color and in other mediums. Infact my Zentangle section of artworks are all actually ZIAs. Crazy Roses too was born just like that when I was playing with a tangle (pattern) called Paradox.
 The art is created on Arches watercolor paper. The Roses are tangled with black ink  have been painted with watercolor. The painting measures  15.5"x 15.5" inches.
Here are few photos that I clicked  while working on this piece. So you could see the stages of creativity....
"Crazy Roses"  this is how it started...
"Crazy Roses"  Completed...almost...have to work on the background
"Crazy Roses"  Completed © sandhyamanne 2011
You can buy this artwork here.
Would love to hear your comments on this artwork.......don't forget to post your comments down.

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