Invitation to OXIDE's February Gallery Night

OXIDE Gallery at Denton,Texas is hosting its  Febraury Gallery Night with artworks of local North Texas artists. This will be the big change over of all the artwork in the gallery....Four of my artworks will be exhibited from 1st of Feb 2012 to 31st May. 

The Main show has all new Eclectic collection from local North Texas artists including me with a variety of art like paintings, photography, jewelry, ceramics sculptures and more.
I cordially Invite you for the Gallery Night Event
Saturday, Febraury 4th
The LINWOOD-ALFORD Florist Building,
501 west Hickory Street. Denton, Tx
Free Admission 

  OXIDE's Febraury Gallery Night Invitation
I will be exhibiting the following four artworks..

  The Tree of Life - Fruits © sandhyamanne 2012

 The Tree of Life - Flowers © sandhyamanne 2012

   The Tree of Life - Pods © sandhyamanne 2012

  Flower Chakra  © sandhyamanne 2012
 Join me on Saturday the 4th as I check out the new artworks. It will be a fun evening, enjoy a cocktail hour type of party while you get exposed to some of the best local artists in the North Texas area. Most of the artists will be on hand to visit with and answer your questions. I look forward to see you there....


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