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Whats about  Original art and Giclee (pronounced Zhe-Clay)??? As an art enthusiast and an art buyer in todays world, you have a choice of either to buying an original art or Giclee. So, I have tried to point out few reasons why people would want to buy either of it.
Giclee (Art Prints) also called Iris prints or Reproductions.
Giclee art prints are produced on a large format printer. These prints are made with archival inks. Archival inks are inks that are created to have an extremely long life if properly cared for.
People buy Giclee since....
     * Giclee prints are cheaper than the original art, and hence it gets affordable to buy some famous artists great works (prints).
     * Irrespective of the size of the original painting, You can get the prints in different sizes that would suit your needs.
     * When an original painting is sold it is gone, however with giclee the artist can make his work available to others. You could say its another source of income for the artist.
     * Some artists make giclee of a particular artwork in limited edition that has been numbered. So apart from the original art there will be only those limited edition of prints available. Thus making it to limited private collection.
Original Art
Original Art is unique, as there is only one such piece and it is created by the artist with his intelligence and emotion.
People buy Original since...
    * It is the ORIGINAL.
    * It can be custom made.
    * Some also look at art as an investment, especially works of famous artists fetch a lot when resold.
    * Unlike the Original, the print does not appreciate in value(unless its a limited edition of a famous artists).
    * The Life of an Original artwork is much much longer than the prints (even when you take very good care of your prints).
While, I hope this information will assist you in your next art purchase.
You can check out prints/greeting cards of my artworks @
and my Original works @

While I am glad Spring is here. I thought, February was too short and this past month was quite busy at the studio..
     * Still trying out my experiments (OK from now on, I am going to call them RESEARCH)
     * Started and working on my Lotus series ( inspired by Spring "the time of life and color" ..)
     * Putting all those January planning into action (isn't that the hardest..)
     * Got inspired watching few more art documentaries..
     * The Zentangle Exhibition ended with great reviews..
     * Got scholarship for a Womens Business Conference (looking forward to that..)
More action is about to happen this month as I finish the current series and start a new series of artwork, get those plans moving, work on my new website, continue with the research, get inspired and of course be grateful of all that I am blessed with. 
You stay good enjoy the SPRING and if you enjoyed this newsletter, share it with anyone and everyone. I am trying to build a bigger audience for my work and can only succeed with the help of friends like you. 
Sandhya Manne
Sandhya Manne Studio

          " Zen MixedMedia"
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Mixed Media - Oils on Tiny Canvas, Clay.

©2011 Sandhya Manne
Mixed Media - Watercolors on Watercolor paper, ink.

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