My first date with Encaustic


Since I actively started working on my art and art career here in the US from mid of 2010, I often heard the term Encaustic.
After a little google search, I learned that it is a very old art form, from Egypt that got lost in between and is now getting highly popular. Encaustic is created using hot wax. What I liked about the encaustic paintings is the finish, the vibrancy, the abstracts, the texture, and the mystery it brings to the paintings.
To demystify this mystery.  I took an Encaustic workshop at The Encaustic Center last weekend.
Preparing for the class, I got a book from the library on Encaustic and went through it so as to get myself familiarized with the vocabulary, which was very helpful during the workshop.

Deanna Wood was our Instructor and she  first started with a little bit of the history and then went on explaining how to work through the basic layering of wax with brush and scrapping. After the demo she left us to play and to make our own tiny creations.


  My First Encaustic painting... trying my hand at layering wax and scrapping....


 My Second.....see those over scarping on the right???...I am still learning!


The second session was about collage, transfers and use of mixed media.  After  Deanna left us to play, I created a zentangle chakra on a transfer and an Indian guy which did not turn out pretty well...but hey I am just 4 tiles old...... 

Zentangle chakra


Indian guy.....isn't he scary??
Well I would say the class was quite liberating for me. Since, the thing about working with wax is that, it has its own mind, we have to play in the path that it takes us. So, it just lets my creativity flow in every step.

In the third session , Deanna taught us about the creating textures...and since I love textures I had a blast experimenting this one.

 Finally getting a hold on Encaustic.....Yet another Ganesha


        An abstract....See those textures??

Encaustic involves hot wax and fumes and since I live in an apartment with young children, I won't be making encaustic paintings at home. But The Encaustic Center has an option of working there using their materials for a small fee. So Yes I am going to explore more soon.
I have to thank the Woodcreek church for the scholarship and for the opportunity they gave me to learn a new art form.

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