My new STUDIO and FREE Giveaway!!

June and July are special to July my husband and I celebrate our anniversary!!...while it was in June 2yrs back, that I started my journey as an Artist with my Etsy Shop....this June I took a bold leap and moved to a new STUDIO SPACE!!! 

I am extremely excited to share this news...well...I have a STUDIO !!!...yes, I am surprised all happened soo fast that it still feels like a dream....I just moved in...still in the process of setting up... pictures to follow...So now you can visit me at MidTown Gallery, Valley View Mall, Preston Rd, Dallas-TX.... ;))

With this studio I will now have a place to work and show my more daily setup and breakdown on the dinning table...have to admit I am extremely nervous….as it now means juggling home, kids and studio...But before saying No to the opportunity I wanted to try it out and see if it works for here I am on a brand new journey.....

To celebrate my new beginning, I am doing a FREE giveaway.... Yeah…what’s celebration without gifts, right?? Exactly… here I am holding a giveaway. As a mark of this very special occasion and to thank you for your continuous support....I will be gifting away this artwork titled “Blooming Flower” to one lucky winner.

"Blooming Flower"....5x5 inches...Ink on paper, ready to hang ©sandhyamanne


"Blooming Flower"....5x5 inches...Ink on paper, ready to hang ©sandhyamanne


Well so here are the Rules to win this wonderful piece...

- Giveaway starts on July 2nd  (today) Ends on July 12th .
- Join me on Facebook (look for sandhyamannestudio) or Click here to LIKE my Facebook Fanpage.
- Winner will be selected randomly from the fan page list and will be announced on July 13th (my anniversary!!).
- Winner will be contacted through email. Please respond within 48 hours or next person will be selected..

That’s it simple….. but remember you have to be on my fan page list to enter the  giveaway (LIKE my Facebook fan page sandhyamannestudio).

Oh!! and I would love to see your wishes in the comments below.. ;))

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