New Studio Space

About 5 yrs back in Dallas, USA, I rented out my first commerical studio space in an old city mall... up until then I was painting from my dinning table and latter at a friend's place where he graciously let me use one corner of the living room during the day while he was work.... but renting that space in the mall was a big leap for me!! I created some fantastic artworks, sold many and most of all made cool artist friends....

When we moved back to India, I converted one of the bedrooms as the studio and was working from there... but sometime last year, I had this serious urge to move out.. :) and so after a loooooong wait found this beautiful space that I am sharing with a quilt artist. It was extremely difficult last two months ...running around getting things fixed, coordinating between the  carpenter, electrician, painter, A/c guy, land lord ....... Well its almost done and I finally have the space to myself... sharing pictures of my studio...

you enter into this area... which doubles up as my workshop space..

got this room divider made to hang more art!!


another view of the space.... also a quite corner for noisy artsy discussions!!

here is my studio/ workspace...yup got a cot..just in case I wish to nap... ;)

love this chest..

more art... behind that door on the left is a tiny store room..

my cozy corner!!

my desk facing the south..... beautiful light !!

yet another view of the workshop space... in the far end is my quilter friend's long arm quilting machine..

coz... its time for a selfie ;)

Happy first paintings....

Well Cheers!! is to more amazing paintings, creative juices, artsy associations and wild dreams!!

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