"Wise Couple" ©SandhyaManne, Oils on Canvas, 12X12 inches

"The wise couple, having lived a long accomplished life together their inner peace radiates with empathy."

"Wise Couple"  is part of my “Date with the Dolls” series of oil paintings capturing the simple beauty of Tanjavour dancing dolls and bobbleheads. Growing up in Madurai and Chennai I remember seeing these heavy terracotta dolls neatly tucked in the showcases of the living rooms in almost every house. But every year they would be brought out and displayed as part of the Kolu during the Navarathri celebrations… A lot has changed since then for the terracotta dolls are now mostly made with paper mache…and many other kinds of dancing dolls have been added for variety. Through this series I attempt to recreate those nostalgic emotions in the viewer.

Original Painting, signed,  ready to be framed.
This artwork makes a great wall piece for your house or a beautiful gift. 
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