Zentangle studio scoop July week 2


Last week was a happy one. Remember it was our 10th wedding anniversary so, we took off to a nearby Ranch.
It had been a while since, I  lived soo close to a farm, barn, hay, animals, and insects. It was very relaxing and satisfying. There is something about the smell of the wet grass and mud, the touch of fine sand on the feet, the sight of million busy ants running around the feet.
There definitely is something about listening to the birds chirping laying on a hammock gazing through the brown branches with green leaves at the clear blue sky....it felt like the birds were competing to entertain me with their chirping..... the moment one stopped another started...it was serenity oneness with the earth, the sky and the universe....
“Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.”  

Tangled butterflies...
                            "Butterfly 1".....Day 1
"Butterfly 2".....Day 2
"Butterfly 3".....Day 3
"Butterflies".....Day 4
The tangles are created using  Sakura pen 01 on a tiny 3"x2" journal I picked at Michaels store.
Hope you had fun...and remember to come by again next week to see my tangles from this week...
You know how much I enjoy reading your comments...so please post them below...
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