Zentangle studio scoop June week 5

As promised, here I am with my last weeks Zentangles..
Last week, was quite a dull one for me both personally and also in terms of creativity.
I am in middle of some soul searching with respect to my art..Where did I start?? where am I going?? where do I really want to go?? How do I get there?? The more I look deeper, the clearer it is getting...
I am sure to be on the right track very soon..
Personally, well actually it was a physical one, I got a catch in the lower back...you know the one that hurts only when you bend down....yeah, it was pretty bad, I had serious trouble picking up my 15 month old son......(better this week).
Here is a quote that made sit up and think...

"Be more dedicated to making solid achievements than in running after swift but synthetic happiness." - Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Time to enjoy the Tangles from last week...
        A flower on day 1
        A Flower??? The circle has "Tripoli" a new tangle on day 2
       Another flower...... exploring Tripoli on day 3
The tangles are created using  Sakura pen 01 on a tiny 3"x2" journal I picked at Michaels store.
Hope you had fun...and remember to come by again next week to see my tangles from this week...
You know how much I enjoy reading your comments...please post them below...
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