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Hasta Mudras are gestures performed with the hands and are used to convey various feelings, or expressions or meanings.

FREE Teens Zentangle class on July 31st

FREE Teens Zentangle class on July 31st.

Haggard Library
2501, Coit Road
Plano, TX
For more informations and registrations call 972-769-4250


Arts Fest this July..

SATURDAY July 21st, 2012
HOURS 10am – 7pm
WHERE Vally View Mall, Preston Rd, Dallas.

Roaring to Rain??

"Roaring to Rain??..."  
Oil on Canvas Panel.

July Clouds on Dallas Skies...

"July Clouds on Dallas Skies".....
Oils on Canvas panel

My new STUDIO and FREE Giveaway!!

Yay!! I am celebrating my new STUDIO  space with a Giveaway!!

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