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Growing up in different parts of India and having lived in different parts of the world, my art expresses my impressions of those multicultural experiences. I enjoy working with vibrant colors, and I believe it positively influences our mind and soul.
I am an Indian Artist currently living in Chennai, India. I create art everyday from my home studio.  My first experience with original art was at the age of 15 during a  family vacation to Ajanta Caves in Central India.  The Ajanta Caves was once a Buddhist Monastery. It houses some extraordinary wall paintings and sculptures. I was ecstatic by the colors,  theme,  jewelry, and mystery in the paintings. I was so in awe of the entire experience of climbing through the cliff to the caves that I seriously considered becoming an archeologist. But, instead here I am as an Artist. Colors in my work are often inspired by Ajanta Paintings and cultures of India.
I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), ex-member of Artist Co-op at Midtown Valley View in Dallas, USA and an Ex-Board member of Plano Art Association (PAA), Plano, USA.
My works are appropriate for display at Home, Office, Restaurants, Lobbies as they enliven the walls and improve the ambiance and asthetics of the place.
Join in to learn more about my works, upcoming exhibitions, projects and collaborations.
Everyone is welcome!! From  Collectors, fans, friends, family, to those just curious about art.
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