Posted on: May 19, 2022 at 12:44 pm

Last week I had the opportunity to share Zentangle at Stella Maris one of the city’s women's colleges as part of the Mental Health Awareness month. The theme of the event was “HEAL THE SELF, HEAL THE WORLD”.

Tangling in progress...

We talked about how a regular practice of creating art is nurturing, relieves stress, increases confidence, and supports general mental health wellness. How the Zentangle Method is a simple and powerful way to access creativity. Using simple steps and basic strokes anyone can create beautiful images using the Zentangle Method.

Yours truly...

My goal was to equip them with this simple tool that can be used as an integral part of their healthy lifestyle.
We talked about the “No Mistakes” philosophy and looking for opportunities when things don’t go quite as planned, as this often leads to new inventions and new adventures.

Students in action...

The “Anything is Possible One Stroke at a Time” theory was my hidden theme to encourage these lovely young ladies to continue and keep it going, and not compare their journey with that of others.

Smiles and all done!

We of course finished the session with the importance of the practice of gratitude and appreciation. Not to mention, everyone including the faculties enjoyed creating a simple project.

Our Mosaic...

On the occasion of Mental Health Awareness month, through this post, I want to reiterate all the above points.
Take time out for yourself, and set aside a dedicated time and space for your mental health wellness. I have created loads of free and paid projects and communities to support you in this journey, make use of them.

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