5 Reasons why my ART is Unique

Posted on: May 5, 2011 at 4:33 am

When I first started creating art, years ago, I would copy everything that appealed to me in Tempera paint medium. But as I created more, I started to explore various themes, mediums and colors. While on this journey, I discovered the mediums that best suits my theme and the colors that resonates with me. So, after digging a little deeper Eureka!! I got my magic formula to create unique art.

Here is what makes my artwork unique.

Abstract Vinayaka in Brown

"Abstract Vinayaka in Brown" 6"x 4" © sandhyamanne

I like to use bright, earthy and Royal Indian colors. Colors like the tera cotta (Burnt Siena), sandalwood (yellow ochre), saffron (scarlet red) are my favorite and they represent me, my connection with my village,my culture and my land. I am always happy and content using these colors and that reflects in my work, which makes it striking and enticing.

I enjoy creating portraits usualy of Indian figures with a touch of abstractionism. I enjoyed creating abstract portraits that look like a painting and not like a photograph. In fact I call some of my figures tribes, as they are thin and elongated, and don't much look like a real man or woman.

I admire objects with texture and that shows in my works. My paintings have texture in them. I use a lot of materials to get that like sand, tissues, clay, mirrors, jewels, eggshells, wood etc. I enjoy giving a 3D effect to my artworks. Viewing my work is an experience as there is so much of drama happening in there. Not to mention they naturally stand out from the rest.

I started using oils about 9 yrs back and must admit am still in love with them. Fresh out of the tube, the soft creamy colors when mixed with linseed oil gives me the power to create magic. To enhance the effects of other materials used in the artwork, I often use acrylics. So essentially my work comes under mixed media art (a mixture of all mediums). The mix of oils, acrylics, and other materials makes my work highly engaging. The last couple of years I have ventured into watercolors and ink. Watercolors are lively with transparent colors and vibrant glazes. Also, it gives me total flexibility with ink. My abstracts in this medium are highly appreciated.

Being born in India and in a culture with rich heritage, my paintings are conceived out of an idea, a feeling or a thought that talks about life and beyond. Growing up listening and questioning mythological stories by my grandfather and visiting ancient temples, there is a subconscious spirituality that is often translated in my artworks.

Is there anything else in my work that appeals to you or resonates with you?? Eager to hear from you... post your comments below.

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