My take on Project Pack 07

Posted on: February 25, 2020 at 12:12 pm

The Project Pack 07 was a series of mini lessons by exploring the possibilities of working on a grey base using Blue inks... It was fun time tangling 12 different projects along with my teachers.. Though mostly I tangled along, I did venture out to play by myself on couple of days... Enjoy the Zen!

Day 1 Worked on 4 Bijou tiles to create a fun multiple displays..

Day 2 Exploring a MonoTangle...

Day 3... Many possibilities!

Day 4 Working on black for a change!

Day 5 An improvised Mandala!

Day 06 An intricate pendent could be!

Day 7 Fun Reticula and Fragments..

Day 8... A royal spin!

Day 9 Worked on this on a Date with Grandpa... ULTRA Special!❤️

Day 10 Flowers... Beautiful and Delicate!

Day 11 Another fun play with multiple displays...

Day 12 Ending the series with a Bang!

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