A Weekly Roundup

Posted on: June 14, 2020 at 7:47 pm

A weekly roundup of all the fun tiles created during Insta Live, FB Live and for YouTube sessions... plus a traditional black and white Zentangle and a Tan fun!

A collage of all the mini projects created across youtube videos, Insta Live, FB Live...

A simple Black and white... Tangles used Tripoli, Hollibaugh and Umble..

Tangles used Buttercup, Flux .... created this mini project for an Insta Live session...

Tangles Mozorito and Bales... used this lovely border tangle for a youtube video session.

Tangles Tucson and Nzepple... in a different set up... this was part of our FB Live session on Friday 10AM

Tangle Tucson and Flux.... this was a mini project created for the Youtube channel!

Buttercup and Tucson... both my current favourites on a tan tile with a touch of color!

For videos (every Tuesday's and Friday's) on Youtube check out :

Join me and tangle along on FB Live, Fridays 10AM, IST @

Join me to tangle along on Insta Live, Tuesdays 7:30PM, IST @sandhyamanne


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