Advance Zentangle Workshop – October 6

Posted on: October 6, 2018 at 6:15 pm

A single diamond set in with traditional Zentangle. Could be accompanied by smaller stones right next to it, or could be solitaire in its true sense… I was super excited to share this wonderful ZIA!!! The class learnt to create stunning Diamonds set wonderfully on the Zentangle tile with tangles all around it! I am proud of my students works of embellishing the diamonds with lovely colours!

All set to work on the diamonds..

Blue diamond in the making..

Yellow diamond in progress..

Pale blue diamond in the making...

Light red diamond getting ready...

yummy lavender diamond all most done!

Diamonds all ready to be set in the Zentangles..

Time to set the diamonds on the tangles...

All done and ready...

All smiles with diamonds in the pockets..

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