Advance Zentangle Workshop TANGLE KITES

Posted on: January 8, 2019 at 10:12 am

January is the month of harvest in India and we celebrate the harvest festival "Makar Sankranthi" on January 14th, which is also the day on which the Sun begins its northwards journey... as we say the sun enters Makaram or the Zodiac sign Capricorn... Its kind of like Thanks giving celebrated over 4-5 days, Thanking the Sun, the Earth, the farm animals and sharing the fresh produce with everyone. One of the things done in celebration is flying KITES.... 🙂
Here are pictures from my recent Advance class creating "Festive Tangled mini-Kites"....

Getting started with the Tangles...

Working through our picks...

Adding colors...

Bright colors

Working through slow and steady..

With the enhancements..

Time for a Groupie

Lovely creations!!

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