Announcing ORNATE SQUARE…. 31 Days of Zen

Posted on: October 10, 2021 at 6:12 pm

Announcing ORNATE SQUARE.... 31 Days of Zen

It's that time of the year again where we meet everyday for the entire month of October to create a fun project, to learn explore and most importantly experience mindfulness.

I am super thrilled to announce ORNATE SQUARE. A series of fun projects exploring the squares this time. The concept of Ornate Square is inspired by a combination of things.

So, after our blast with Zendala Joy last year, I wanted to explore something similar with the squares. My inspirations have been the beautifully carved squares on the pillars of Hindu temples, the intricately designed Moroccan tiles.

For this project We will be working on a regular 3.5 inches white square tile, using black, brown and white pen. Creating that renaissance look for our ornate squares.

I will post the project on my YouTube Channel @SandhyaManneStudio everyday at around 8 PM India time. Starting Friday October 1st. I have created a PDF of 31 strings that we will be using for this series.
You can join the fun against a nominal fee of $10 or INR 750. This helps me in putting this project together and bringing it to you.

Log on to and Join the Fun by making the payment either in USD or INR and get started with an instant download of the 31 Strings PDF.

You can, trace them on to your White square tiles and keep them ready for our projects through out this month. The videos are available for anyone to watch on the channel and you can tangle along with out the PDF too. But the PDF makes it really easy and fun.

So log on to and Join the Fun!!

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