Best of Zentangle Advance Classes

Posted on: December 22, 2018 at 6:07 am

Every month I come up with an interesting Advance class where we focus on a new technique or try working with new mediums...I enjoy exploring new techniques and I love teaching, sharing and pushing my students to look beyond.. while I challenge to experiment with new ideas. Sharing pictures all the fun classes we had in 2018.... Contact me to schedule your private classes!

"TANGLED DIYA HOLDER" This Diwali we tangled own DIYA Holders. Easy yet super duper fun to create..

"DIAMOND SETTING" A single diamond set in a traditional Zentangle...

"DELFT PLATES" Inspired by the Dutch Delftware... We created a very cool stacked delft plates all tangled up!!

"Dingbatz Doors" was an interesting class we did using the the Dingbatz technique of creating Zentangle and learnt to embellish them with lovely colours!

"LACE IT UP" We created 3D lace on Zentangle Tiles...

"TANGLED X-MAS STAR" This X-Mas we created our own tangled Stars. Utterly cute 3D Star tangled and styled!!

"FLEXTANGLE" A wonderful ZIA!!! In this class we learnt to make a Flextangle Kaleidoscope with stunning Zentangles on it to create the stunning effects..... 🙂

"SNOWFLAKE STRING MANDALA" Snowflake String is a very interesting method to create beautiful strings for your Mandalas!!

"ZENBUTTONS" We created 3D Zentangle Inspired Buttons... In this class we learnt the amazing technique of creating tiny ZenButtons... a very elegant lush buttons thats looks embroided on to your tile!!

Exploring Tangle Enhancers..

"COLOURED STRING" A fun class taking you back to your school days when you pulled a colour loaded string through the pages of your book creating a lovely random design... well so now imagine lovely Zentangle on them!!!

"DRY TECHNIQUE"... Tangling with no pen!!

Zentangle on Ceramics!!

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