Daily Oils # 20

Posted on: June 7, 2012 at 6:12 am

It is been raining like crazy since the afternoon.......Dallas needs enjoying the awesome wet weather....but then I had hard time  photographing "Blue-Green-Yellow"'s Daily see we have day light till 8:30 PM, so usually I have ample time to click neat pictures....not so today...
The thing is with the kids at home, I am still figuring out the best time to paint with out interruptions...all I seem to be doing in the day is just paint this one painting...there are so many other things on my to do list that is just getting carried forward to the next day everyday....Aaah!! how I wish I had an entire room just to myself for 2 months...with the kids at my parents and my husband on a overseas trip....without worrying about cooking, feeding,cleaning....I would paint like a mad woman....

Wet Canvas and little day light equals me the original looks much better...

"Blue-Green-Yellow" 6x6 Oils on Canvas ©sandhyamanne

"Blue-Green-Yellow" 6x6 Oils on Canvas ©sandhyamanne

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