Daily Oils 5

Posted on: May 16, 2012 at 6:48 am

Today's Daily Oils was a bit challenging...but I am happy with the way it turned out.....I am beginning to realize that it is hard for me to paint loose like Carol...though her strokes are bold, the images are semi-abstract and joyful and that is what I love about her work...I have always been "follow the rules girl"...a bit uptight...but after my kidoos, I have loosened up a lot in real life...I hope it will show in my art too.
Actually, I tried a new medium for the oils and it din't do what I hoped learnt a few things in the process...

The Yummy Pears...

Yummy Pears ......©sandhyamanne

Yummy Pears ......©sandhyamanne

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