Daily Oils #6

Posted on: May 17, 2012 at 5:32 am

"We have company"....I mean the cherries, they have company today...Its my day 6 and I am loving it....actually it is getting easier with each day...including the setup and breakdown....Infact my 2 yr old is my little helper...(well, on the days he doen't have school) today as soon as he saw me getting ready for my session...he got my paint box and paper roll and set it on the table..when I showed him the picture I was about to make he gave a big nod...he sat next to me on his high chair and watched me paint...I think I also saw him make strokes in the air like he was painting...and when I was done, I asked him if it was good and he gave that big nod again...

I am not sure how I am gonna manage doing daily oils in summer with 2 kids and hot Dallas summer....hopefully by then the kids would understand Daily Oils is important to me....will keep you posted on how that goes..

So here is "We have company" reproduction of Carol Marine's works..

We have company......©sandhyamanne

We have company......©sandhyamanne

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