Day 12 of 21, Meditative Drawings

Posted on: April 5, 2020 at 11:48 am

Day 12 of 21, Meditative Drawings

Day 12 of 21, Meditative Drawings

Day 12 of 21... Mindful Drawings are one of my rituals of silent prayers. Times like these especially that are beyond the human comprehension calls for Prayers. I believe in prayers, prayers during tough times brings in solace... it keeps up the faith. We all have our own system or rituals for Prayers... Prayers is our individual way of communicating with the universe... Magic happens when prayers base out of faith.
I will be lighting a lamp and chant my mantras at 9 PM for 9 mins as a display of  Collective Resolve to fight the evil.

#StayHomeStaySafe #21DayLockdown #HealtheEarth #thistooshallpass #9pm9minutes 


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