Day 14 of 21, Meditative Drawings

Posted on: April 7, 2020 at 9:36 pm

Day 14 of 21, Meditative Drawings

Day 14 of 21.... A traditional coloured Mandala... this was more about geometry and design and less about Zentangle.... It was fun going on a totally different route. As we get closer to the end...and I really hope this lockdown would end in a week, there is a mixed feeling.. as finally I am settling and getting used to this. There is a huge list of things I could do at the studio and I really want to get back to the studio... but until then for now I have created my own list of things to do at home. Its amazing how we easily adapt to the situation and see a future in this too!

#StayHomeStaySafe #21DayLockdown #HealtheEarth #thistooshallpass

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