Day 2 of 21 Mindful drawings

Posted on: March 26, 2020 at 7:33 pm

Day 2 of 21, Meditative Drawings..

So, we have identified and marked our respective spots in the house... he set up his laptop and virtual office in the dinning room on the table. She has taken over the guest bedroom with a bed for her online classes from school... although she works sitting at the desk, I caught her napping on the bed through her Hindi class yesterday. 🧐When questioned her reply was that the Hindi teacher was telling a story!🤷‍♀️
For maximum Zen and minimum fights, packed off the younger onewho is either always hungry and bored to my parents. Yeah, our no: one parenting secret is DIVIDE and RULE!! Thankful to my parents for helping us through these tough times...
Well, so for myself I have taken over the living room, pushed the centre table away and got comfortable on the floor, so I can spread my art supplies, laptop, phone and all the cables that come with it... Most of yesterday was spent hunting for that pencil which keep rolling under the sofa. Got smatter with that today !!!
Taking one day at a time...

So have you marked your space ??? Tell me all about it!

Stay Home Stay Safe!

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