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Posted on: July 4, 2011 at 10:26 pm

"Dream is not what you see when you is the thing that does not allow you to sleep." -- Dr AP J Abdul Kalam, Former President of India, Aerospace Engineer. 

[For those who don't know... Mr. Kalam, was born into a very ordinary family with a lot of financial probelms. Yet, he grew to the highest ranks, only because he dared to Dream. He is one of the highly respected Indian Citizen and my personal favorite.]

The website Quest4Fame is based on that quote. Quest4Fame features interviews of passionate people who have paved their own path to success and to fame. The motivational stories of indiviuals from a variety of fields are inspiring especially for those who are walking or wish to walk a similar path.

Well, so...I  have been featured in Quest4Fame and thus joining other passionate dreamers there.   

Picture of me and my tiny studio......

Picture of me and my tiny studio......

Ethnic Indian Artist – Sandhya Manne

Sandhya Manne is a talented Indian artist living in Dallas, Texas. Since the start of her art career in 2007, her artworks have joined private collections in Canada, USA and India. She is currently exhibiting through juried shows in Dallas-Fort Worth area and serving as an artist role model to her children. In her interview, she talks about her artworks, success secrets and much more.

Hello Sandhya, Welcome to Quest4Fame! Where does your subject in art come from and how do you work?
I am inspired by the colors, architecture, textiles and figures from Indian culture. So, most of the subjects and theme for my work comes from there. I am a mixed media artist, which means that I work with multiple media in a single painting. I predominantly work in Oils, but include clay, beads, egg shells and other recyclable items in my paintings.

There are different types of artworks by you. How do you go about creating your artworks? What is the design procedure you follow?
I am a self taught artist and always look forward to learn new art form. Since I had the opportunity to live in different parts of the world, I picked up various methods of art which I combine to suit the theme and subjects, while bringing out my style. My work is categorized into mixed media (oils, clay), watercolors and zentangle (its a new art form that I was introduced here in the US). So, the design procedure consists of first picking up the category to work on and then build the theme in that medium.

Who do you owe the success as an artist to?
Definitely to my husband. He has given me the space and freedom to grow and achieve my dreams. Also, family and friends, have played a big role, they have always been around and supported me. Its for all of them that I push myself to do better and better.

Most of your artwork include the abstract images. How do you come up with the ideas?
When something inspires me, I like to create it in my style, with my beliefs and interpretation, and in the process I build an abstract artwork adding texture, embossed materials in vibrant colors.

What inspires you to create art and how do you keep motivated when things get tough in the studio?
I admire handmade items, anything from sculptures to origami especially with an Indian touch inspires me. Its kind of an impulsive-compulsive need for me to play with colors, make textures, and create patterns. Being part of various art networks, I take support and inspiration from fellow artists when thing get rough. Also, sometimes I take time off; a day or two for introspection which helps me to recharge.

What do you think is the greatest honour achieved to your artwork? 
As an artist, it is always a pleasure to receive comments and compliments for my work from family and friends. My greatest honor is when highly successful and established artists, saw my work, and took the time and effort to appreciate my work with wonderful comments.


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