Posted on: May 12, 2024 at 9:30 am

In the Zentangle world, where intricate patterns and mindful creativity intertwine, the exploration of advanced techniques opens doors to new dimensions of expression. Among these advance techniques, the use of color is a vibrant option that pushes the boundaries of traditional black-and-white Zentangle art. Color in Zentangle creations adds a dynamic energy, enriching each stroke with depth and vibrancy.

While the fundamental principles of Zentangle, such as deliberate strokes and meditative focus, remain the same, I find that the addition of color introduces a new layer of complexity and artistic freedom.

In my decade long experience of working with students who were an absolute beginners at art, I often found exploring color helped them connect Zentangle with other art forms, like painting, mosaics etc.

By embracing color, the new tanglers expand their artistic horizons and create new possibilities. I have found, integrating color into Zentangle invites tanglers on a journey of endless creativity and self-discovery.

The above tile is partially inspired by the night sky star gazzing my kids and I did this past weekend at a near by beach town, far away from all the city lights.

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