Posted on: July 22, 2023 at 10:00 am

Rhythm in the process of creating art, involves the way an artist engages with materials, techniques, and ideas to bring their artwork to life. It is the continuous movement and momentum that propels the artist forward. A smooth transition from one step or stage to another, maintaining a sense of fluidity and progress. This rhythm allows the artist to stay engaged and in the creative flow, avoiding disruptions or interruptions.

Finding that rhythm is essential for an artist. It took me a while to find mine, but the process has helped me with repeating certain techniques, gestures, or exercises to develop my skills, exploring different variations, or achieve a desired effect. Repetition creates a sense of familiarity, mastery, and refinement over time.

Timing and intuition are integral to rhythm in art creation. Creating for this show requires me to develop a sense of when to make decisions, take breaks, or step back from the work. This sense of timing helps me maintain a balanced and rhythmic workflow.

Basically, rhythm in the process of creating art involves finding a balance between structure and spontaneity, repetition and variation, and maintaining a sense of flow and momentum. It is a personal and intuitive aspect of the artistic journey that contributes to the artist's expression and the final outcome of the artwork.

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