Posted on: January 10, 2023 at 11:39 am

Well, this has now become a tradition with my SERENE membership students, at the end of the year we take time to reflect on our Zentangle journey through the past year.

Last week, we met over ZOOM to reflect and learn from each others experience. We had a very inspiring time reflecting on 2022, talking all about our progress through the year inspite of the struggles. This was a bitter sweet session, we spoke about our struggles and situations that we had to overcome and yet kept moving on inspite of everything that was going on in our personal lives.

Progress is slow and happens with commitment and discipline. It is not easy as it sounds, I know that, I see that and that's why I am so proud of each one of my students. Your creations and your journey truly inspires me to do what I do!!

Reflecting is powerful, and as the year comes to an end I highly recommend you take time to look back and appreciate your progress. It is the stepping stone for the journey we are about to embark next year.

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