Posted on: January 10, 2023 at 11:44 am


Every second brings a fresh beginning, Every hour holds a new promise, Every night our dreams can bring hope and Every day is what you choose to make it… I really like this quote as it talks about setting our intentions.. Well, slow and steady a lot is happening at the studio. For one I am working on a new project. This project is way beyond my comfort zone, so at this point it feels super duper tough moving ahead. I am being patient and going with the flow. My new year is pretty much going to be all about this project. I cant wait to share all the deeds with you all. But for now I am fighting my demons.

Ohh and the other thing I am doing right now is converting the first year of my Serene membership into a year long program with weekly projects. So, if you have been wanting to join Serene to build and grow your Zentangle skills plus for some weekly Zen then stay TUNED. I will share more about it as I get ready to open the doors.

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