Padma – The Lotus

Posted on: May 3, 2011 at 6:50 am

"Padma - The Lotus" is my latest collection of artworks. A series of four artworks totally inspired by the Lotus. 

The Lotus is referred as Padma in Sanskrit .  Padma has a high reverence in Hindu mythology, as a perfection of beauty, its association with Deities and the chakras, especially the 1,000-petaled sahasrara. Rooted in the mud, its blossom is a promise of purity. Worshiping the Hindu deities with a lotus, is often considered to be very auspicious.

Well, I chose Padma as theme, because I find them very mystic. The beautiful colors of the flowers always draws me to them...but the muddy water always makes it unreachable. The huge leaves covers the muddy water making it a magnificent sight. Yet, the dept of water is questionable. The purity of the flowers always stands out. 

Growing up I had often seen them at the Temple ponds in southern India in divine colors of violet, blue, pink , dark maroon and white. Those images of muddy water and enticing flowers had always remained with me.  It seems like I always wanted to paint them. In fact I had created a commissioned artwork "The Waiting Princess", that had  lotus and the huge leaves as a background.

I had always visualized creating them in mixed media, using tissues and clay for embossed flowers and leaves. So, I went on to create the leaves  with clay and the flowers  with paper. Since I use oils for mixed media, "Padma - The Lotus" is painted in oils.

This series is based on the belief that wonderful life exists above the unwanted. Interesting life exists amid the chaos of the universe. Appreciating life no matter where it comes from.

"Red Padma - The Lotus 14"x11" © sandhyamanne 2011"

"Red Padma- The Lotus" has Red Lotus, a peaceful night's Blue muddy water and fresh green leaves.

"Pink Padma - The Lotus 14"x11" © sandhyamanne 2011"

"Pink Padma - The Lotus" has Pink Lotus, Blue muddy water and fresh leaves.

"Blue Padma - The Lotus 14"x11" © sandhyamanne 2011"

"Blue Padma -The Lotus" has Blue Lotus, Green muddy water and semi dried leaves.

"Violet Padma - The Lotus 14"x11" © sandhyamanne 2011"

"Violet Padma- The Lotus"has Violet Lotus, a wet night's muddy water and fresh green leaves

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