Posted on: December 25, 2018 at 9:00 am

Working on my initials...

One of the frogs I ate this year was "Photoshop".... Yes, for the past so many years its been the most scary and complex thing. I just couldn't decode it beyond opening a photo and then I had no clue how to go about. So, this year I sat down one day and decided to figure it out... and Ohla!!!!  I did it, after all it is not as complicated as I thought... We are not the thickest of friends yet but glad we are on speaking terms and building it from there on... I have been trying out multiple small projects and excited with the results... above is a project on my hand drawn initials... its not complete yet but I am loving it...

One of the important things I realised this is year is that "Everything needs that dedicated time and effort for the results to show"... I mean everything!!  art, kids, home, baking, those 4 flower pots in the balcony, any new skill, existing skills...... Sooo much to do and just 24 hrs!!! not fair at all!! But the only way to eat that frog is one bite at a time.... Take it slow, but its important to keep at it!!

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