Posted on: September 6, 2022 at 4:42 pm

I have been wanting to and in fact have very slowly been branching out from teaching to my own creative practice. Teaching just happened along the way, and I welcomed it with my arms open. I absolutely loved meeting new people, sharing my skills, and there is an immense pleasure watching my students take their skills to the next level. For an introvert like me, teaching Zentangle has been a blessing, as now, I proudly brag about having friends from all over the world!

Over the years, I tried hard to balance both along with my 2 young children… but, during covid when I had to operate with limited resources, I put my creative practices on the back burner. I jumped full on to teaching and sharing. Sure, it involved a lot of creativity and I enjoyed every bit of it. But, now I am ready to rediscover the artist in me.
Nothing is going to change, I will continue to teach and share, but I will now be consciously moving towards creating, exhibiting and selling.

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