Posted on: January 3, 2020 at 10:54 am

Hope you had a wonderful New year!! Very excited for 2020... as I have planned couple of projects for my self... and looking forward to see how I fare on them. So this weeks focus tangle is Aquafluer, a lovely organic tangle. I had a blast playing with it as it opens up huge possibilities... Check out my creations!

On a tile in all its glory! #aquafluer

Look what I found on the beach.. #aquafluer

In my garden 😉 #aquafluer

A monotangle fun! #aquafluer

The orange fun #aquafluer

How about an Aquafluerish border? 😉 #aquafluer

with my favourite Printemps ! #aquafluer

Celebrating with Purk.. #aquafluer

With a Touch of Blue.. #aquafluer

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