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Posted on: June 27, 2022 at 10:00 am

Can’t believe we at Serene completed a whole year, of learning, discovering, exploring, and growing together. Last year it was around this time in May, I mentioned the idea of Serene... nothing was created and nothing was present, yet 40 of you trusted me and said YES!! I am forever grateful for your Trust in me. We officially started Serene in June 2021 with the first set of lessons rolling out.
A couple of weeks ago we celebrated our first anniversary and reminisced our journey together. One of the things our members love about Serene is the wonderfully supportive community and to honor that we created the above Zenkins..
Sharing a few comments from them...
Shweta Bansal.... My Zen kin.Isn’t she cute? Another wish came true in this month tangles talks session. I always wanted to try this but I am bad at drawing face so could not even imagine to draw this. But, Sandhya Manne really thankful to you that you helped in realising that I can draw and I made it. Will definitely explore more. Ideas floating while posting.
Diane Reynolds... I’m so sorry that I missed the anniversary zoom meeting. However, I watched it this morning. I love, love, love the Zenkins. Here are three I have just drawn ready to paint. I used tangles from my scrolls for their hair. I’ll download into the album once I’ve painted them, but first I have to do some gardening!😂 thank you #Sandhyamanne
Ekta Agarwal.... Hi guys! I m in love with zenkins. Thanks Sandhya Manne for the session on zenkins on tangle talks. I m getting addicted to them. I have attached 2 zenkins. Black and white I did live in Tangle talks and the colored one I did the next day..
That's how much our members are enjoying Serene month after month.

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