The Reticula and Fragment Odyssey #5

Posted on: September 1, 2020 at 4:32 pm

Time to check out the Reticula and Fragment Odyssey... Lets explore fragment V5 in simple Reticulas... V5 is a cute heart shaped flower in a box... that can be played in couple of variations... You can also play with colors, to create a stunning pattern. I have explored it in couple of ways...

A selfie of Fragment V5 in all its variants...

Lets start with simple step out of Fragment V 5...

V5 with its interesting variations...

V5 in its original form.. Check out the meta pattern created when V5 is placed in a grid... Black ink on white tile with tangle Twistee as a border..

V5 as a border.. Black and brown ink on a white tile with tangle Puff Cookies.

V5 along with other tangles all set on a tan tile..

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