Posted on: July 14, 2022 at 10:00 am


Running a small business yain’t for faint heart. A business is all about solving problems effectively and I enjoy the challenges, love coming up with creative solutions. However, the past 4 weeks has been extremely interesting as I wade through my growing troubles, with new policies changes, tax laws that I must adhere to.
There is no clear overview of things, I am on constant calls with my Auditor, Banker and Lawyer to understand and work through the change. But it's just getting too funny now coz anything I touch has 4 other things to be resolved before I can move to the next stage. There were a few instances during these past 4 weeks when I felt cornered you know that knot in the stomach kind of feeling.
Situations like this when things take time, mostly is not in your control and you just have to live through them calls for PATIENCE. I have been repeating this Mantra, TRUST THE UNIVERSE… clearing these hurdles will only make path for bigger things.
Worked on this tile yesterday and it made me smile 😊

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