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Posted on: May 10, 2012 at 5:32 am

I feel things are changing for me...I am getting more and more clearer with what I want and how I want my art to go from here on...I have been drawing, painting and crafting all my life...Its been one very integral part of a newlywed, in my early twenties I traveled a lot with my husband  experiencing the world out there and figuring out what I wanted to do in life...I did work for couple of corporate companies but I HATED every single day (well except the pay days...) but now when I look back, I see crochets, sketches, pottery and  paintings I did during that period which not only kept me sane, but also made me happy and content  (signs I ignored then, but understand now)...Those who are near and dear to me know how important it is for me to express my creativity...When ever we move to a new place, one of the first things my husband does is to look for art classes, art associations or all art supplies store in the area (ya...he is sweet), so I could keep feeding my creativity (and don't eat on his brain.. ;)). 

However, it took me looong time to realize that art is what I wanted to do in life...So, in 2010 after my second child's birth I started focusing on my art more as an art career.....I have pretty much achieved all that I had envisioned for myself 2 yrs back...but now I am much more aware, and want to step up my dreams and goals...I want to rise the bar for myself...I had been thinking about it and over the last 2 weeks it all seems to get clearer and defined. I do have plan laid out (mentally) and it might get refined as I go further....but it is going to require a lot...a lot of hard work, getting out of the comfort zones, will power and resilience...and I am ready for all that...Actually, I don't have other options or Plan B...this is the only next step for me, it feels like either I walk the path or I stop breathing...

Extremely excited to begin my new journey.

Inspired by Artist Carol Marine's daily paintworks...I have started my own Daily Oils, so I create a small oil painting as a study to build up my skills...And here is what I created today a study of values...not very proud of the painting but happy to get all I want to focus on is to keep the ball rolling.

Values...5"X7", Oils on Canvas Panel © sandhyamanne

Values...5"X7", Oils on Canvas Panel © sandhyamanne

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