Posted on: December 18, 2020 at 3:33 pm

Saturday Round Up... all the simple fun projects we created across social media platforms this past week.. the classic Black and White Zentangles ...😃 🤩 We created Zentangles using a very simple string in our String Safari series-30, and worked with Tangle QUILTZ in a couple of variations in Focus Flight series

A collage of all the mini projects created across youtube videos, Instagram LIVE, FaceBook LIVE...

we created tangles on a given string...It's another way to get to a complete Zen mode

Zentangle with focus tangle QUILTZ used this lovely border tangle for a youtube video session.

Created this Mini project for the Instagram LIVE session... We meet every Tuesday 7:30 PM India Time

This is from our FaceBook Live session. We meet every Friday 10AM, India Time to tangle together... Tangles used Quiltz and crazy huggins

Join me to create a Zentangle Mini Project!

Check out our youtube channel for videos (every Tuesday's and Friday's):

Join me and tangle along on FaceBook LIVE, Fridays 10AM, India Time @

Join me to tangle along on Instagram LIVE, Tuesdays 7:30PM, India Time @sandhyamanne

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