Zentangle studio scoop Aug Week 3

Posted on: August 24, 2011 at 11:53 pm

Finally the schools reopens and kids get back to school...My daughter started with her Kindergarten at the public school....she was very excited to go to school and to go by bus. That defiantly put me to ease....I am happy because she is happy...and she is happy because she knows we are there for her.
While here I am  anxiousness about my art faire at Lakewood Summer Art Faire on  Aug 26th - 28th 2011 in Dallas.....Her excitement on the first day school taught me to be in the present and not worry about the future. Infact,  why to worry when I am carrying around all the best wishes and blessings of my well wishers. I am happy because I know you are there wishing me good luck...
"True happiness enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future" - Seneca Quotes
Tangles wishing for true happiness.....


"A Star"

"A Star"

"A cross-path"

"A cross-path"

The tangles are created using Sakura pen 01 on a tiny 3"x2" journal I picked at Michaels store.
Hope you had fun...and remember to come by again next week to see my tangles from this week... You know how much I enjoy reading your please post them below...

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