Beginners Zentangle Workshop pictures

Posted on: November 9, 2019 at 6:21 pm

A wonderful morning introducing Zentangle to these amazing set of beginners... None of them had any prior drawing skills, but walking in to explore and experience the Zen of Zentangle... Check out the stunning works...

Getting Started...

On to the tile!!


Final Touches...

All smiles...

Appreciating each others creativity..

Lovely works!!

Time to pose!!

2 responses to “Beginners Zentangle Workshop pictures”

  1. Vivekananda PV says:

    Thank you Sandhya for initiating us into the world of Zen tangle! We thoroughly enjoyed the session,thanks to your skilful approach to helping us Learn something new so easily. This has definitely added purpose to what would have otherwise been, “Just another weekend”. Thank you once again


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