STYLE : Zendala – Zentangle Inspired Art
SIZE : 4.5 inches in Diameter
SUBJECT : Abstract
MEDIUM : Ink Drawing, color pencils on Tan Paper
MATERIALS : Hand drawn on artist grade paper using waterproof brown and black pen with multicolored pencils on tan background.
Framed with matt board behind a glass and ready to hang
Original Artwork ©SandhyaManne

A Zendala is the best of Mandala and zentangle.
Zendala tiles are round and perfect to explore the concepts of circular movements like in a mandala but with zentangle touch.
In this piece I have tried to explore the concept of symmetry in nature. In nature, at first glance everything looks symmetric but take a step closer, you see that each element has a unique style of its own. Its interesting how many varieties with its own variations exists around us…
This artwork is from “THE ZENDALA COLLECTION”
Original Artwork ©SandhyaManne





“ZENDALA 25” is part of the Zentangle in Mandala series. In this series I have tried to combine the best of both worlds, zentangle and Mandala.. The continuous, circular, rhythmic flow of a Mandala presented with Zentangle techniques and frame work produces interesting artworks.. The artwork is done on small round tiles with intricate multicoloured tangles. Its a blast of rhythmic tangles !!
All artworks are hand drawn and make for a perfect personalised gifts !!!
Creates a wonderful setting as to your space as a lovely wall hanging or a table top display.
A collage of these small sized mandalas make a stunning wall display.
Small paintings also makes for handmade gifts.

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Dimensions 6 in


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