The Reticula and Fragment Odyssey #7

Posted on: September 15, 2020 at 6:08 pm

Here we are with this week's Reticula and Fragment Odyssey... Lets explore fragment  E4 in simple Reticula... E4 is a lovely and slightly decorated fragment that creates an interesting illusion...  I have tried few fun variations to play with. You can also add colors, to create a stunning pattern. I have explored it in couple of ways...

Fragment E4... selfie time!!!

Simple step out of Fragment E4...

Some interesting variations to explore...

Fragment E4... Rotating in each segment of the reticule... to create a fun flower kind of effect... worked on Black with white pens with some fun shading!..

Mirroring fragment E4 on a tan round tile with black, brown and white pens...

Repeating the fragment E4 in a triangle tile border.... worked on a grey triangle tile with blue, black and white pens..

A Zentangle using fragment E4 in a fun reticula along the tangles Twistee, Printemps, and Betweet  on a a grey tile with blue, black and white pens

2 responses to “The Reticula and Fragment Odyssey #7”

  1. Vandana Shenoy says:

    Lovely Fragments, Sandhya! 🙂


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