Zendala Joy Day 1 with String 01

Posted on: November 9, 2020 at 12:56 pm

Let's revisit Zendala Joy, Day 01 with String 1. Discovering and exploring Zendala every Thursday here.  Zendala is the best of Mandala and Zentangle. Zendala tiles are round and perfect to explore the concepts of circular movements like in a mandala but with zentangle touch. This Zendala is a flower based string with 8 petals coming out in layers. Zendalas are an absolute joy to create. I have used tangles Flux, Fragment E15 with materials of White Zendala Tile, Black Micron Pen 01, pencil, and stub.

The finished tile..with black pen on white tile.

Starting with Tangle Flux in the centre.

Moving on to the next layer with alternate filling!

Working with Fragment E 15 in the third layer!

Finishing up with shading for some dramatic effects..

Get your free instant downloadable string template here:
WATCH the entire video on YouTube HERE

A play with colors on a Grey tile using the same string....

One response to “Zendala Joy Day 1 with String 01”

  1. Deborah Browning says:

    I would love to receive the templates you used for the Zendalas. I have signed up for your Vibrant Cheer Club and to follow you on Facebook. Your work is beautiful. I learned of you by taking a class from Jennifer Cottrell who taught us a Zendala based on a class she took from you.


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